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Berkey water filter review

Water is, without a doubt, one of the most precious resources we have in our life. Most of us know that drinking clean water is a big part of the foundation of healthy lifestyle and it became so common to avoid drinking tap water without filtration.

This is because most municipal tap water generally has high levels of chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride which are intentionally put to reduce harmful bacteria. It could also contain chemicals like hormones, antibiotics, prescription drugs and lead that get into the water along the way.

These contaminants, however, are not so easy to be removed simply by running through a regular water filter you find on market. Most of the filters we find on the market are only subpar and not enough to take out the dangerous contaminants in tap water.

This is when I heard about the Berkey Water Filter Systems. I was not familiar with the brand and I did not know much about gravity filtering method. After much of researching, this is what I found out about the Berkey.

What Is the Berkey Water Filter?

The Berkey water filter is the most advanced gravity water filter available. It does not require electricity and run without power. As long as there is gravity, it can filter and turn any kind of water into clean, delicious drinking water. You don’t need to hire a plumber to install this water filtration system.

It removes most of unwanted chemicals, foul tastes, odors and heavy metals without removing healthy minerals that your body needs.The Berkey water filter is so powerful that it’s indeed classified as a purifier. The classification shows that Berkey far exceeds the abilities of the standard water filter.

Website: http://www.berkeyfilters.com/

Where Did the Berkey Come From?

The Berkey water filter system is an evolution of the technology that was developed almost 200 years ago. Henry Doulton in Britain developed ceramic filters for removing bacteria from drinking Water in 1827.

As society advanced so did the complexity of the water bourne contaminants that polluted our lakes, streams and wells. Over a decade ago, Jim Sheppard, a founder of the US based company which has a distribution partnership with Berkfeld, took it to the next level and created the Black Berkey Element.

Using modern methods and advanced technology he produced a filter that reduces bacteria, viruses and other unwanted contaminants to purification standards and last thousands of gallons.

berkey water filter ststem

What Else Should You Know About the Berkey Water Filter?

  • Over 60% of US municipal water is fluoridated. Berkey water filter system offers the capabilities to significantly reducefluoride and arsenic by adding the “PF” line of filters.
  • Each Black Berkey Water filter will last up to 3000 gallons which is much longer than the majority of water filter on the market.
  • At 10 gallons per week, you can enjoy this healthy clean drinking water for more than 11.5 years.
  • Because the Berkey water filters do not require electricity and are portable, they can be a lifesaver during times of flooding, loss of electricity, and other life threatening emergencies.

What makes the Berkey Water Filter better than others?

What makes the Berkey water system so much better than all of those other options out there?

  • Portability –  The Berkey systems are completely portable. While some are made big to filter large amounts of water, they can still be moved.
  • Size Options – With the Berkey systems you have options as to which size system you purchase, making it easy to get the perfect size for your needs.
  • Cost – The cost of the Berkey water systems is one of the things that makes people the most happy about . 1 gallon of Berkey water costs you just 1.7 cents.
  • Purifier – All Berkey systems that have the Black Berkey elements in them are water purifiers. These purifiers kill 99.999999% of pathogenic bacteria, which is something that only Berkey system is able to accomplish.
  • Power – Berkey systems do not require power to use. If your power goes out, you can still use Berkey water filtration systems .This makes the berkey the best when it comes to emergency water filtration systems.

What do people say in Berkey Water Filter Review?

“If you are concerned about clean drinking water, then this is a system for you. I have used this for years and it is the best tasting water you will ever have.”

–       Sam, UK (testimony from company website)

“I use this water for everything from cooking to watering my houseplants and I have been extremely happy with the way this has worked.”

–       Lily, LA (testimony from company website)

You will find people using Berkey water filters all over the world in almost every type of situation. Because this helps to reduce so many pathogens, it is perfect for any situation.

“We bought this for emergency purposes, but we ended up using it all the time. This is the best water our family has ever tasted.”

–       Moura, GA (testimony from company website)

Does the Berkey Water Filter  Really Work?

There are plenty of water purifiers in the market that you can purchase, why should you pick Berkey over all of the others? What I am really impressed with the Berkey water filter is that it does much more than just meet the standard for water purification treatment.

Berkey filters completely purify your water, whereas other units do not. Other filtration systems also use a great deal of power to work, while the Berkey systems are completely gravity fed. On top of that, Berkey water filter systems are extremely affordable.

Securing your access to good tasting, sparkling, wholesome drinking water can be harder than you might expect. If you’ve ever want to make sure that your water is clean and healthy for your family, the Berkey system is the perfect solution for your needs.

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travel berkey

Imagine this. For the longest time, your family has been looking into possible ways and means of simply bonding together go someplace and have an adventure.

The best concept one can think of is an out-of-town trip, probably a camping adventure with the whole family in a nice, safe and relaxing company of nature.

Of all the camping tools you would need, the one that should never be lost in your must-brings is a traveling water container that would certainly suit your needs in this excursion.

Try to look into another scenario. Imagine that you are a wanderer in a new place and traveling on foot would certainly require the travel must-brings most especially if you are in a new locality.

Traveling light, you should not have to worry about bringing bulky necessities, more so, the hassles of bringing large water containers that will keep you going all throughout your exploration.

With all these different kinds of travelling and exploring, all by yourself, with a bunch of friends or with family, one thing is common. Water containers are always must-brings in any travel you undertake.

And the best part is, a good water container should always serve as your best travel buddy.

When it comes to traveling, only one brand is the most trusted of all, the brand that surely ensures its patrons the best kinds of products, on a reasonable price that surely suits the demands of your lifestyle.

Indeed, when it comes to water containers for traveling, Travel Berkey is the best for everyone. It is highly-recommended not only for camping or caravans and the like but also for household uses.

What is so outstanding about the Travel Berkey, compared to any other brands of travel water containers?

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GO Berkey

In the internationally-acknowledged Berkey tradition of designing the highly-durable Berkey water filters which provide the ultimate experience in waterborne contamination removal, Berkey Filters introduce its GO Berkey kit and Berkey Sport Bottle portable water filter as part of its portable water filter packages.

From here on in, your backpacking water filter experiences will be the best days of your super active lifestyle!

GO Berkey!

The primary purpose of the GO Berkey kit, of course, is to be able to provide you with the best choice for drinking fresh water while you’re on the go!

While you’re backpacking somewhere in your mountain retreat or trekking your next scenic location as a nature photographer, the GO Berkey kit is here to serve you.

Not only that, the GO Berkey Team makes sure you get the Berkey tradition of its first-class water filter technology. Many Berkey water filter system reviews about backpack water filters put the new GO Berkey kit as one of the fast-rising carriers of the famous Berkey brand.

This makes GO Berkey as a suitable water filter alternative in developing countries that have a real problem in their fresh water supply systems.

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How to Remove Fluoride from Water

Imagine if you are drinking water that has residues of fluoride in the waters, you might be wondering why you are going to have fluoride in your waters and think how would you ever get rid of the residual chemicals already present, may it be in your drinking waters or your own showers.

Sometimes, you would even think of having the chance to wonder if how would ever get rid of those unwanted materials.

If having fluoride in your waters is becoming a really big problem and hassle on your part, then certainly, you might be thinking of drastic ways just to get away from the chemicals that is already present in your waters.

Right now, you might even be wondering. What is fluoride? Before you decide on which way are you going to choose just to get away from the chemicals, you must first know what really is the problem with having fluoride residues in the waters.

More so, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having these substances in the waters. True enough, before we really jump into fixing the problem with fluorides, we must at least know the problem down to its very core.

We must know what is fluoride itself.

What is Fluoride?

Based on Wikipedia.com’s explanation and description of what is fluoride, it is an inorganic anion of fluorine. For some, fluoride or fluoridation or the adding of fluorine in drinking waters may be really deemed as a really bad medical practice.

According fluoridealert.org, he U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies fluoride as a drug when used to prevent or mitigate disease (FDA 2000). Aside from that, fluoride doses cannot be controlled and the problem with it is it actually affects people, from all walks of life.

Whenther you are young or old, fluoridation is indeed deemed harmful to your health as it goes against the process of medical healing and pharmacotherapy, even if some may deem its addition to drinking waters as helpful and therapeutic.

In an article from salemnews.com, most activists have been fighting and constantly advocating the removal of fluorine in waters.

Headlines even discuss that the practice of adding fluoride in the drinking waters have already been ended in most Massachusetts areas.

Statistics even show that an estimate of 140 water systems in Massachusetts practice adding fluoride to the drinking water, just to fight cavities, that is according to the Department of Public Health.

However, despite this benefit of cavity removal or prevention, it raises concerns when it comes to health issues it poses with the drinkers of fluorine-added waters.

No wonder, some people really and strongly push for advocating the eradication of fluorine in drinking waters. There are several ways to filter fluorine from waters, some of these ways maybe unconventional or the traditional ones.

But one thing is sure. It has one main goal of decreasing the drinkers exposure to fluorine.

Eartheasy.com blogs discuss that in US, tap water is actually fluorinated, just in the name of improving dental health among drinkers and users.

However, the big problem is that despite the great benefits with dental health, it poses additional dangers and side effects. Some of these effects are low fertility, gastrointestinal problems, thyroid disease, arthritis, endocrine disruption, and even cancer.

So. What do we really use for us to filter and reduce the risks posed by having fluorine in our drinking waters?

There are some filters, although very expensive, cannot even remove fluoride from the waters. However, there are home remedies, ways of reducing fluoride in your waters, even if you are just within the comforts of your very own home.

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Countertop Water Filter System Reviews

Everyone who wants to make sure of the safety and cleanliness of their drinking water has shifted from buying bottled purified or distilled water to using water filtration systems because it is a lot cheaper and there is a lot less hassle.

There are a lot of different kinds of water filter system available in the market today and one of those filtration systems is the Countertop Water Filtration System.

Countertop water filters is one of the most widely used and popular water filters used today that is also effective in doing its work of cleaning and making the drinking water safe to consume.

It has different kinds of filtration methods used in removing the harmful chemical and substances in water.

Some of the countertop filtration system even uses more than just one method of filtration and there are some system which uses what we call a selective filtration, meaning that the system only filters out unhealthy contaminants and leave out the natural minerals that are found in the water and can have benefits to our body.

It may seem like the counter top water filter is a good investment but as good as the countertop water filters may sound, there are always advantages and disadvantages to everything.

It would be better to know what the pros and cons of an item are before you decide to buy. The following are the Countertop Water Filter System Reviews on their different water system models.

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berkey shower filter

Every day, one very important routine that would certainly kick-off or end our day would always be allowing the gentle flows and trickles of calm and relaxing showers relieve us of all the stressors and the tough times we had during the entire day.

That moment when you step into the shower, you suddenly drift to a happy place of thought and cleansing. As the waters run down your body, you clean your body with all the dirt and just simply go with the flow of experiencing calmness and tranquility.

Sometimes, showers are more than just cleansing acts and ridding oneself of all the pollutants and dirty particles sticking to the skin after a day’s worth of work. In other times, taking a shower acts as a revitalization of a tired spirit, a move to just allow oneself to freshen up and gather energy to get through another tough day.

Some would just say showers are just requirements to look good and smell good, a prerequisite to good grooming. However, taking showers are way more than that, it is all about looking good and feeling good, that after a few minutes inside the shower room, a new and revitalized “you” is ready to go out to the world and take on some challenge.

When it comes to showers, the best shower filters come only from the number one most trusted brand when it comes to water filtration systems – BERKEY.

With a long line of water filtration systems and even a wider variety of models fin all its significant products, the Berkey Water system is the best water filtration system there is.

Now, as for shower filters, Berkey shower systems provide for the best shower filters that surely suit the needs, demands and lifestyle of any product buyer. That is why this line of shower filters provides for a better and more customer-friendly deal no other shower filters can ever provide.

Indeed, the Berkey shower filters are the “big thing” when it comes to finding the best shower filters for you.

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remove Chlorine

 If there is one essential thing that never goes away from our daily life, it is food and of course, water. Indeed, some believe that you can survive days without food, but never survive days without water. Indeed, trying to survive days without water is just like trying to walk through desserts. It is possible but that would certainly be a very difficult and dangerous task.

Most of the time, people consume at least eight to ten glasses of water a day and most of the time, drinkers are unaware of what substances are actually present in the waters they are drinking. With that, this poses a great risk when it comes to the health of those who just drink the water without even knowing what other substances are contained in it.

Of the substances possibly present in most drinking waters, the most notable substances and the ones drinkers should really watch out for are chlorine and chloramine.

Most of the time, people are really in a cloudy state to know what actually is chlorine and chloramine. Sometimes, some may not even know that they actually exist in the drinking waters as unwanted residues.

Although they may sound the same, they are two actually different substances. So you may ask, what is the difference between both of these substances? In what ways do they differ from each other, especially when it comes to being residual substances in drinking waters?

What is the Difference between Chlorine and Chloramine?

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Carbon Block Water Filter

A Carbon block water filter is the widely used carbon block device in the entire world and provides an unattainable performance that comes at a low price.

This particular filter removes both organic chemicals and free chlorine that contribute to the odor and taste while it provides a dirt-holding and particulate filtration capacity of an efficient 5µm nominal sediment filter. This carbon filter water is also optimized for applications wherein they perform the roles of both an activated carbon filter and sediment.

The extrusion process will provide the production of the carbon block with additional carbon but the pressure drop is lower. This process allows the filter to provide an extended life while it removes chlorine, sediment, odor, taste, and organic contaminants that may come from the water, suspensions or aqueous solutions.

The carbon water filter is also used to filter the organic solvents. Its workhorse filter is ideal to be used on commercial and residential water purification systems, pre and post-RO systems, and food service.

Benefits of Carbon Water Filters

  • A better-taste for all your in-house beverages such as juice, tea, coffee, and any sort of drink
  • Clear, delicious, healthier drinking water
  • High-quality type of water that is ideal for cooking sauces, soups, pastas and many more
  • It will improve the quality and the taste of the ice
  • It provides a better quality for mixing cereal and baby formula
  • It will be more ideal for food preparation and will improve the taste of your fruits and vegetables
  • Even your pets will love drinking water more than ever

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zero water vs berkey

There are many water filters out there on the market that cater to consumers who prefer to filter their water at home, instead of buying bottled water. Not only are many of these filters great for saving money, they are also environmentally friendly, by helping us to use fewer plastic bottles.

Zero Water and Berkey are both filtered water systems that have great tasting water, but which one is the best water filter? After doing a side-by-side comparison of each, you’ll clearly see that they both are great products, but the one product is much more superior filtration system than the other.

Zero Water

Zero Water has a water filter pitcher, that you pour water into, it filters the water, then the water is ready for consumption. A Zero Water pitcher is a fairly simple product to use, and claims to take out all toxins out of the water, including salt, down to zero parts per million.

Zero water has several different size pitchers, and they have recently introduced a water bottle, that also filters water, for those who want to drink water on the go. This water bottle is high performance and utilizes the five-stage filtration technology, for the best tasting water.
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ebola outbreak

Global health expert recently declared the Ebola epidemic ravaging across W. Africa an international emergency that calls for a highly coordinated global approach. Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea are currently battling the virus, which has also spread to Nigeria.

According to a report by World Health Organization, the virus has mercilessly claimed nearly 1,000 lives since the outbreak commenced this year. “The consequences of further international spread of the virus are serious particularly due to the virulence of this virus, and its intense health facility and community transmission patterns” WHO said.

On a separate report, the U.N Health Agency termed the current outbreak as the worst in its four decades of tracking the disease.

MSF (Medicins Sans Frontieres) has described Ebola as among the planet’s most-deadly diseases. It says, “Ebola Virus is highly infectious and kills up to 90% of the individuals who catch it. There is no vaccine against it, and no cure has yet been approved.”

To make matters worse, doctors are afraid that Patrick Sawyer, an Ebola victim, may have sparked a global spread of the killer virus after he was allowed to board 2 flights while infected.

Sawyer was allowed to board ASKY Airlines in Liberia, where Ebola is currently rife, despite suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting. He made a stopover in Ghana, then took a plane to Togo and flew to the international travel hub of Lagos. The 40 years-old US citizen and father of 3 died five days after arriving in Lagos.

Clearly, the outbreak is currently a global concern and preparation is vital. Once the virus hits State level as predicted by U.N. Health Agency and WHO, clean water will sell out in minutes.

What you need to be concerned the most is not the virus itself, but more for the panic of people.

This means you need to be prepare for the worst case scenario for the outbreak. Among many considerations, an access to clean water is one of the most important essence of survival.

Berkey Water Filter is used by the WHO for many years and is my top recommendation for preparation.
It is always wise to stay on the safe side during emergencies; it is the best method of preparing for outbreaks.

But Why Recommend Berkey Water Filter

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Berkey vs propur

We have seen Propur advertising itself as Berkey’s ‘Alternative’. The producers of this water filter have sought to compare their products to Berkey products and even made some statements that are entirely off the radar.

If you have been listening to a radio talk show hosted by Alex Jones, you may also have heard him heaping praises on Propur water filter. But what you do not know is that Alex has a longstanding business relationship with producers of propur.

The arrangement sees him pocket commission for every any product sold. Naturally, this buzz has made some clients ask us questions of what our opinion is in this berkey vs propur debate.

For a long time, we have known berkey water filter to do a very good job. So, to find out which one is better between the two water filter products, we carried out tests below. We hope you will find the information below useful.

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Katadyn Water Filter

The most essential thing that you need to maintain a healthy body is none other than drinking pure, safe and hygienic water. But the only way to have pure and safe drinking water is through its proper filtration.

As such water filters play a highly significant role in purifying the water to its highest level. But with a wide range of water filters available in the market it is simply a tedious and troublesome job to select the best option that will provide you the purest drinking water.

Presently, Berkey and Katadyn are the two most popular water filter brands that are ruling the present market because of their unmatched features and world class quality in comparison to the others.

Well, as you don’t want to have both the brands in your home, choosing the best among these two is another brain squeezing task. But, you needn’t to worry any more in this matter as now we are going make a neutral and unbiased comparison between these two most popular brands of water filter available in the market in order to ease up your choice of the best product.

Here you will get an ample idea about all the aspects of both these Berkey and Katadyn water filter so that you can make an unbiased and wise selection.

So, go through this neutral comparison on Berkey vs Katadyn water filter based on all the filtration criteria that you look for while choosing a water filter for your home and family.

Best Water Filter

Water is a necessity for all human beings. Drinking water especially for human beings needs to be healthy and clean. Otherwise, unhealthy drinking water can cause breakouts and fatal health issues. Therefore, water filters are quite essential for all households.

The use of various methods of water filtration is centuries old. Ever since human beings learned about various diseases and their medicines, they clearly understood the importance of pure and safe drinking water.

However, most ancient methods have been phased out by sophisticated modern systems mainly due to the increase in the number and types of contaminants found in water over time. Therefore, this has brought about the need for powerful and stronger filtration systems today.

Water that usually comes through our taps contains harmful organisms such as bacteria, cysts and other contaminants. Therefore, it is not safe for drinking. Some water filter systems can help get rid of various harmful organisms but deprive the water off healthy minerals and chemicals while other systems might add various essentials in your water.

It is hence very vital to compare and contrast various systems in order to get the best domestic water filter. This is very important mainly because water filters have some variations that depend on the brand, energy cost, set up cost and requirements, and maintenance.

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Fluoride Dangers and Water Filter

Have you ever considered the dangers that linger around your health due to the food or liquids you take? Most of us live with such a concern but on a generally small and superficial scale.

Take the case of drinking water for example. Have you ever explored other risks underlying obvious concerns like “safe drinking water?”. While we laud and commend water management organizations and public health authorities for their effort to supply the population with clean drinking water, recent studies have shown that some the chemicals therein [ natural or artificial] carry elements that can jeopardize human health.

What is the problem with fluoride in water? 

The danger posed by drinking tap water comes not from the microbes and other organisms that may lurk in it, but rather a chemical that the government knowingly puts into it: fluoride.

I am sure that like everyone else you have heard the rhetoric that water is fluorinated so as to make it safe for drinking. Which begs the question, if this is the case why has water been de-fluorinated in most of Europe? Additionally, why are many toothpaste manufacturers moving away from using fluoride in the manufacture of their toothpastes?

These questions beg urgent and scientifically sound answers. It is unsafe for people to operate under the assumption that what they do not know can’t harm them. We all want to protect those who we love from any harm.

It can be difficult to keep your family as well as yourself safe from the world out there but at least you should be able to do so within the confines of your home. Investing in Berkey water filter with PF-2 Fluoride filter to keep yourself and your family safe from the dangers of the stealthiest harmful chemicals in your environment is an important choice to make.

Here are the dangers that fluorinated water poses to your health as well as that of the ones you love.

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Berkey Water Filter Review

Berkey water filters are some of the most popular water filter systems being sold today. If you are currently searching for a new water filter, then you will certainly be aware that there are many options out there, and many different brands of varying quality.

Below you will find an overview of Berkey, the company, as well as a brief look at each of their main water filter products. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of what they have to offer, and how they stack up against their competitors!

Who is Berkey?

Berkey is a company who has been designing and selling water filters since the 1990’s, starting out as a small family run business. Their first water filter was the Big Berkey, and from there the company has grown the product line to include a larger number of unique water filters, as well as other related products and accessories.

The company says that their water filters provide the ultimate in water borne contamination removal, and that is the most important goal of each of their water filter products.

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Travel Berkey Water Filter

One of the biggest issues that many people tend to face when they are travelling is that of having enough clean drinking water each day. This is particularly true for those who travel to remote areas, or places where there might not be a readily available source of safe drinking water.

For others, it might be a challenge to have water on hand if you are travelling in a motor home or a caravan. Whatever the case, having to worry about where you’ll find water can result in a lot of wasted travel time! This is where a portable size water filter can mean all the difference.

The Travel Berkey water filter is one such product. Does it have the features that a traveller would need? We wanted to find out, and below you will find our review and our verdict on the Travel Berkey Water Filter!

Go Berkey Water Filter

Drinking fresh water when you are on the go is important. Being able to source and carry that water can sometimes present some difficulties, however, especially when you are already carrying heavy bags, or are staying somewhere where space is going to be very limited.

Additionally, those who want to have fresh water at work or school often end up spending far too much money on bottled water, which is not only uneconomical, but bad for the environment as well.

So what can you do in these situations when it comes to being equipped with a clean drinking water supply? The GO Berkey is a solution that can meet these needs and other similar ones. Is the GO Berkey a good solution for you, and what does it have to offer that you might find useful?

We have done the research for you, and present our findings below in this special GO Berkey product review!

berkey light water filter

 Drinking clean water when you are staying or living in remote areas can be a challenge, as it can be when you are camping or in a location where finding clean drinking water can be a challenge.

Purified drinking water obviously has many health benefits at the best of times, but when you are somewhere that makes it difficult or impossible to carry a large amount of your own bottled water with you, it can become a matter of survival.

This is where water filter systems come in handy. Most fully featured water filters are large and heavy though, and certainly not suited to travel use. The Berkey Light Water Filter is one exception to that rule.

What makes this water filter different and is it worth the money? Read on to find out in our Berkey Light Water Filter review!

Countertop Water Filter

Our bodies are more than 75% water. If water makes such a big percentage of the body then the quality of the water we drink is naturally going to have an impact on our health and well-being.

Ingestion of water containing water borne impurities is known to be the cause of many diseases including cancer, diarrhoea among other serious diseases. Both the scientific and medical experts agree that clean water is one of the most fundamental and essential elements to sustained health

Berkey water filters improve healthy living and well-being by filtering water from the tap and removing impurities from your family’s water supply for pure healthy water and eliminating the need to buy bottled water. Below are the main reasons you should consider owning a Berkey water filter.

  1. Gets rid of dangerous contaminants:
    The Berkey water filter is capable of removing harmful toxins and contaminants from the drinking water while the same time retaining essential the minerals that balance the water PH. Berkey filters have been expertly designed to get of contaminants without removing important deposits that are essential for balancing your drinking water PH. They have different models to suit your needs.
  2. Better smelling, better tasting water:
    Berkey filters effectively remove chlorine and many other contaminants, which might be in the water to provide better tasting and smelling water. Your family needs pure water that is free of any harmful elements that may affect their health. Let your family enjoy the purest water using Berkey water filter
  3. Cheaper than bottled water:
    Instead of spending so much money on bottled water, buying a water filter will provide your family with healthy water. The good thing about our water filters is that you can choose from a range of models based on your needs and requirements
  4. Reduce the occurrence of and other serious diseases:
    The use of chlorine to purify water started in the late 1800 and by the 1900’s had become the main water purification method and still is even today. Chlorine isn’t used because it’s the safest or most effective but because it’s the cheapest. Despite the advancement in technology, chlorine remains the most used water disinfectant in many parts of the word. However, the effects of chlorine in drinking water have recently been realized. According to studies, people using chlorinated water have a 93 % percentage likelihood of getting cancer than people who don’t drink chlorinated water. Berkey water filters will remove chlorine and its by-products from the water to ensure you are not among the 93 % at risk of getting colon cancer, bladder cancer or renal cancer. Berkey water filters are engineered with set of guidelines to ensure they meet top quality and standard.
  5. Better well-Being:
    Since the Berkey water filter remove contaminants and other toxins, your family is assured of pure drinking water that not only protects the body from ailments but leads to better overall health. Drinking impure water will not only cause serious diseases but will reduce your quality of life and that of your family’s. Ensure your family stays healthy and cancer free by ensuring the water they drink is purified with a water filter
  6. Pure healthy drinking water:
    Clean water for drinking is important to ensure a child’s physical and mental development. According to studies, lead and other toxins in water causes learning disabilities in children yearly in the US. Pregnant women also need to ensure they take clean water as the impurities and chemicals found in drinking water could cause serious birth defects
  7. Protect your family against toxins:
    Water filters help protect your family from harmful toxins that might be in water. There are different sizes of water filters to provide protection against these harmful toxins. Whether you are travelling, or at home, you will  be able to get the right water filter to make sure your drinking water is safe.

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drinking water standards

Although about 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, it is only roughly 3% of the planet’s water that is fresh. The majority of this miniscule amount of freshwater is locked up in glaciers and icebergs around each pole. Increased pollution and rising populations have led to less and less of the remainder being available for human use.

Everyone living on the planet must share the same water resources continuously cycling through, and which are all inter-connected by watersheds. While people in the Developed World are used to having clean water anytime, at the turn of a faucet, most of the planet’s inhabitants aren’t so lucky, and must obtain their water from a variety of questionable sources.

Such water sources will often contain pollution of some form, ranging from bacteria and other microorganisms, toxins, chemicals, litter, waste, and many other substances or materials.
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Water Filter Comparison

There are number of options available for filtering your drinking water. Among the all options available including under counter water filtration systems, countertop water filtration, pitcher water filtration and faucet attachments, I’ve compared countertop water filtration types, specifically Gravity Water Filter type.

Below, I have compiled important information for you to consider when choosing a Gravity Water Filter including a product by product comparison, filter contaminant reduction capabilities, replacement time limitation, and ongoing costs per gallon.

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Water Pollution Facts

 Recent studies have shown that the world’s largest health risk right now is unclean water. Although we commonly expected to have clean and plentiful water, many areas of our own country simply do not have that, let alone in other countries.

The changing climate patterns and various types of pollution have turned many of our traditional water sources into toxic breeding grounds. Therefore, before you enjoyed your next glass of tap water, you may want to consider just exactly what you are drinking.

What Is In Your Water?

There are a number of contaminants in everyone’s tap water, and remarkably enough, and many bottled waters, too. Therefore, if consuming water that is free from contaminants and pathogens is important to you, then you need to know exactly what is in the water you are drinking right now.

For the most part, contaminants are found in several different categories including microorganisms, disinfectants, disinfectant byproducts, inorganic chemicals, organic chemicals, and radionuclides.

Some of these contaminants have no effect on your health, though they can contribute to unpleasant tasting or smelling water. On the other hand, there are certain contaminants that can cause gastrointestinal illness, Legionnaire’s disease, and increased risk of cancer, liver, or kidney disease, or anemia.

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Black Berkey Filters

 If you have been in the market for some type of portable water filter, then you have undoubtedly heard about Berkey filters. These are considered to be the leading high-quality water filters in the world because they are able to take virtually any outside water source and quickly turn it into pure, good tasting, drinkable water.

But, in order for the water to always be safe, you will need to utilize replacement black Berkey filters from time to time.

What Is A Berkey Filter?

This is a company that started building high-quality filters in the late 1990s and has been developing filters for a variety of purposes for people all over the world.

One of the most innovative aspects of Berkey filters is that they are gravity driven, which means that they can be used in emergency purposes when there is no access to electricity. This also makes them perfect for camping and travel, as well as to be used in your kitchen for all purposes.

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 Whether you are someone who travels a lot or perhaps you live in an area of the country that is subjected to significant storms or other natural disasters, having a Berkey water filter can help provide you with healthy, safe water anytime of the day or night.

This is a unique type of water filter because it is able to function without the need for electricity or any power, because it only uses the gravity in which to work.

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Importance of Water

 Most of us do not pay very close attention to water until it either is not there or it makes us sick. We naturally assume that our government agencies are doing their job at keeping our tap water clean and healthy, but it is often neither is clean nor healthy is you believe it to be.

The importance of water and having clean water is something that is often overlooked by many people and can end up causing a wide array of problems.

How Important Is Water In Your Life?

It goes without saying that water is the most important substance you consume and without it you will die. But, few of us drink as much water as we really should, often relying on other sources of liquid such as sodas, tees, or coffees to provide her body with the water that we need.

If you have children in your household, then it is imperative that your water source is clean and reliable since the effects that contaminants can have on their body are often more severe than if they are consumed by adults.

Many people now rely on bottled water, even when they have full access to what should be reliable, safe water. They do this because of the foul smell or taste of their water or because they suspect it contains contaminants.

If this is the case, then it is worth keeping in mind that you can use home water filtration systems in order to make sure that your water is safe all the time.

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